Sara S.


This was one of the most saddest and aggravating sections of the book. I agree with you that, at this point in the novel, I can’t stand Heathcliff anymore. At first, I thought he was just an underdog and would become a respectable and nice guy, but his hatred for everything just consumed him and turned him into an abusive man. Also, concerning Linton, I think that Heathcliff and Linton are somewhat alike, yet the antithesis of each other because while Heathcliff is demanding and powerful, Linton is weak and pathetic which shows the opposites of the two characters, though, they are similar because they both have only one emotion in them that drive themselves; Heathcliff revenge; Linton childness. Now, as for young Catherine, I truly love her because she is the strongest character out of them all, though she cannot sometimes assert her authoritative personality due to Heathcliff’s powerful nature. I do agree with you that she is naïve, but I think out of all the characters she could really turn out to be something. Nelly is another favorite of mine because throughout the novel she has been the level-headed character, but she cannot do anything meaningful due to her status, though she certainly tries.  As for the arranged marriage, I could hardly stand that Catherine didn’t fight against it. While the circumstances were hard, I would have tried to do everything in my power to not allow it to happen.

Going off this, the marriage was pretty creepy because Catherine did not have a choice, it was be married or die. I think that Linton feels like he has a control over her because Heathcliff tells him he does. In my post, I stated that Heathcliff was like the devil because everyone obeys him and his power corrupts all the rest of the characters. While I agree that Catherine might do something hurtful to Linton, I do not think she will kill him. I think that Linton will probably die because of his illness and Catherine will either, die like her mother, kill herself, or somehow manage to run away.

You bring up a great point! I never focused on the narration more than that I liked that Nelly was the narrator, but it’s a good question because Heathcliff is the main character, not Nelly. I think that Bronte did this because, like you said, she wanted to provide a neutral perspective to the story, especially since Nelly is telling the story to Lockwood. Also, I think she did this because Nelly’s characterization is more nice and trustworthy in nature that it would be easier to believe, rather than Heathcliff telling it. I think if Bronte made Heathcliff the main narrator, readers would not know what was truth or what was false because Heathcliff is a character many do not trust.



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