Caleigh Findley

This was a very satisfying, well done ending in my opinion. I really didn’t see where the book was gonna end, but I like the peaceful nature that the book ended on, seemed to truly juxtapose the rather violent nature of the rest of the novel.

Honestly, looking over the entirety of the book, the major themes were violence, love, and revenge. Heathcliff was the epitome of violence, it governed everything he did. As a result of that, everyone he came in contact with then fell victim to violence. Also, the deaths in the book were violent, whether emotionally or visually. Catherine’s death was violently emotional for Heathcliff, nearly drove him off the edge.  Love and hatred were juxtaposed in the many love sagas and triangles that enveloped the book. Heathcliff loved Catherine, and hated Edgar. Edgar loved little Catherine, and hated Heathcliff. Young Catherine hated Heathcliff and loved Hareton and Nelly. These relationships offered the major frame work for the novel. Revenge was the motivation behind the characters actions in the book. Edgar wanted revenge on Heathcliff for taking Catherine from him, so he kept young Catherine and Linton from going to Wuthering Heights, or at least attempted to do so. Heathcliff wanted revenge on Edgar for taking Catherine away from him, so he took Linton away and then took young Catherine away by making her marry Linton, in an attempt to make Edgar die alone. Young Catherine wanted revenge on Heathcliff, so she fell in love with Hareton and tried to turn Hareton against Heathcliff. All three major themes played a massive role in providing framework for the novel and explaining some of the outlandish actions of the characters.

The ending was satisfying because it tied off all the loose ends, and held a underlying symbolism. Since Heathcliff represented all evil, and played along the lines of a devil archetype, when he died it took all the hate and anger out of the novel. Right after he dies, Catherine and Hareton get together and Heathcliff finds Catherine in the afterlife and they are both at peace. The reader gets the sense that now that all of the fighting and hard feelings have died, everyone can finally move on and come to terms with past events.


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