Sara S.


I agree with you that this ending was very satisfying as well as surprising. Reading the novel, I didn’t know how Bronte could possibly end the book without matching the rest of the violent and depressing nature of the story, so this ending definitely was welcome.

I also agree with you about the three major themes of the novel. I think that if we had to categorize them, they would be violence, love, and revenge (like you said). All three of these themes truly drove the characters actions at one point or another in the book and I think you hit the nail on the head when relating all the relationships and actions. I think that almost all the characters in the novel had these emotions of violence, love, and revenge come out of them, though some more than others. Like you said, Heathcliff was the epitome of violence, but Catherine had violent outbursts, as did young Catherine in regards to Heathcliff. All the characters fell in love or loved someone in the novel and this emotion drove the characters to have feelings of revenge because most of them did not love whom they chose until the afterlife, so they wanted revenge on the person that took their love away from them.

I think that the only way to end the book was to make Heathcliff die. Before the book ended, I was trying to think of the possible outcomes and I only thought that somehow Heathcliff would die. I didn’t think that would lead to the living characters finally finding happiness and the dead characters to finally be at peace in the afterlife. I agree with you that this provided the characters to move on and deal with the past events of their lives.

I hope you enjoyed the book as much as I did!



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