Tori Kachel 2nd Quarter Post

These chapters were very eventful- Heathcliff ran away with Isabella (or maybe the other way around) Cathy died, and Cathy was born. Heathcliff and Isabella had a child also, who was sent to live with Edgar when Isabella died. 

There was a lot of character development in these chapters- to a much greater degree than I expected. I have figured out by now that Wuthering Heights is one of those books where it is normal to hate every single character- it is more true to life in that there is no such thing as a flawless character. 

The first Cathy is beyond selfish, disregarding the fact that she is married to a loving and doting man and is very pregnant with a child, and choosing to starve herself to death because of Heathcliff. There is not a thing wrong in her life, but she is constantly whining and complaining as if her life were some sort of living hell just because she (willingly, might I add) married a man who isn’t Heathcliff. 

Heathcliff is no better. He is a terrible person and never can make light of anything, especially not after Cathy’s death. He seems to delight in making everyone just as miserable as he is, all of the time. Some people, i have learned, pity Heathcliff, and say that his character is worthy of pity, but I strongly disagree. Whenever anybody tries to help him, Heathcliff just curses them away, and won’t listen in the least. 

Everything that happened to him is his own fault. 


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