Tori Kachel 3rd Quarter Post

In this section, we are further introduced to Heathcliff’s son (Linton) and Cathy’s daughter’s (Cathy) relationship. Both of their characters are highly flawed, as stays with the style of the book. 


Second Cathy has been a very sheltered child. Her father, Edgar, raised her on the Grange her whole life, and she was never allowed to leave the property. She was also told nothing of Heathcliff or of Wuthering Heights. She was very rebellious, and through a series of events, met her cousins Linton and Earnshaw, and also Heathcliff. Heathcliff learns that Edgar, the only person that Cathy has had her whole life, is dying, and essentially kidnaps Cathy and tells her that she will not be able to be with him as he dies unless she marries Linton. She detests Linton’s spinelessness, and refuses, but eventually gives in, only for her to miss her father’s death anyway. 

Linton, Heathcliff’s son, is kind of the oposite of Cathy. he was raised from the time he was ten by a father that hated him, and by unaffectionate and horrible servants. Heathcliff abused him, both verbally and physically, until Linton was really nothing more than a very sickly child in the very sickly body of a 19 year old. He dies soon after he and Cathy are married. While he was alive, however, he used Cathy for her kindness, and he kept her at his sickbed instead of her father’s, where she should have been, in his selfishness. 


On of the main themes that I see throughout this novel that I have not seen brought up many times is Selfishnesses. If everyone had been less selfish, and more of a normal human being, much heartbreak could have been prevented. 


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